To cover the cost of running ChatGPT I created a paid subscription plan.

It costs $10/month or $100/year and gives access to:

See video demos below (no sound).

Sign in and subscribe here:

Personal feed

Personal feed lets you choose the categories you want to read and set individual thresholds for each.

  • Tech enthusiast and not a fan of sports? Set the tech news threshold to 3+ and disable sports by setting significance filter to 10+.
  • Interested in science and don't care about day-to-day politics? Set the science category to 4+ and world and nation to 6+ (to not miss really big events).

Important world events don't follow a schedule, and your feed will reflect that: it will have more stories on eventful days and fewer on quiet weekends and holidays.

The feed will be available on the web and via RSS and will include summaries of all articles.

News summaries

Everyone can read summaries of news with significance over 5 (that's on average 30 articles per day). Premium users have access to all summaries across all categories.

Custom RSS

Custom RSS feature is exactly what it sounds — it lets you customize your feed (technology 4+, entertainment 7+, etc.) and read it via RSS.

All articles will have a short summary included.