This is easily the best use of GPT I've yet seen, because you're using it to limit the mountains of sensationalist attention-seeking stuff out there, instead of adding to it.

u/JustinHanagan (Reddit)

This is the second most human changing website I have seen this year after ChatGPT.

@huzibeer (Twitter)

Every news site has some notion of top items, but you’ve done it 10x better. The de‑duplication of similar stories, great summaries, and super clean interface are amazing. Bravo! It really feels like you solved news aggregation.

maliker (HackerNews)

Hi! My name is Vadim.

The problem I have with most news sites is that I can't read only important news: an article about a virus outbreak is followed by some celebrity gossip or another smartphone release.

But even on sites that focus on important events articles are posted every day and there are always "top headlines" — even on days when nothing really important happened.

I am forced to make a choice: ignore the news and miss important events or waste time going through unimportant updates.

So I built a web app that I think solves this.

News Minimalist uses AI (ChatGPT-4) to read the top 1000 news every day and rank them by significance on a scale from 0 to 10. Significance is estimated based on seven factors:

  • scale: how many people the event affected;
  • magnitude: how big was the effect;
  • novelty: how unexpected or unique was the event;
  • immediacy: how close in time is the event;
  • actionability: how likely it is that a reader can act on the news for personal benefit;
  • positivity: how positive is the event — used to fix media negativity bias;
  • probability: how likely it is that events speculated in the news will actually occur;
  • credibility: how credible is the source.

The results are posted on the main page of newsminimalist.com

I also run a newsletter where I post summaries of all the news with significance over 6. On average that's ~3 news per day, but sometimes it is 5, sometimes 1, and sometimes — none at all. In that case, I don't send anything.

You can subscribe here:

Let me know if I can improve anything. Simply reply to any email — I read all replies and will try to make News Minimalist better.

Happy reading!
Vadim from News Minimalist